Will inspire & empower

We will inspire and empower you to become a healthier version of yourself.

With a maximum of 16 people per class we ensure you receive individual attention to help you reach your health & fitness goals, push your boundaries and thrive in a group class environment.

Surrounded by like-minded people provides the best motivation, be inspired by their achievements and celebrate your own along the way.


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Our Class Types

A resistance based work-out consisting of; traditional compound lifts with adequate rest to ensure maximum weight can be lifted each working set.
Using overload techniques such as super-sets, drop-sets and varied tempo this uncompromising work-out will leave your muscles screaming for mercy.

A fast moving, high intensity work-out that will test your aerobic capacity and your will to push your boundaries.
Using light weights, cardio machines and bodyweight training in a time based or A.M.R.A.P format, these sessions are designed to get your heart rate high in a fat burning focused class.

Get the best of both worlds, fitness and strength.
Combining functional cardio, functional resistance and body weight training, this rigorous workout will test your strength, endurance and aerobic threshold in a timed or A.M.R.A.P format class.

Attack is the best defence, integrating the art of Boxing this class is designed to punch the calories away. 
Boxing bags, resistance, core, cardio training and paired focus mitts to perfect your 1-2 in a circuit style class.

The ultimate test in strength, endurance, and agility. A 10 station points based workout designed for you to test your overall fitness level, allowing you to set goals and smash them.