Our Team

Anthony Williams

Owner/ Coach

Following a career of Rugby & Rowing in NZ & later stages Boxing here in WA, competition, exercise & fuel for exercise have become a passion and way of life.

In 2016 I turned my passion into a working reality. I became a Master Trainer & Champion of the Australian Institute of Fitness, class of 2016.

In late 2016 RAW Fit Co was founded, a state of the art gym facility giving a tailored & friendly environment for all to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Tim karajas


Tim has lived in Perth his whole life, and he’s always been an active guy. As a youngster, he pursued interests in basketball and surfing then endurance sports as he moved into his twenties. Tim completed a BSc in Physiotherapy in 2000, and worked in musculoskeletal Physio between 2001-2005 before moving on to other lines of work.

The pandemic saw him tracking back in the direction of a career in health. He became a Master trainer through the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2021. 

Tim wants to help everyday people become “ordinary athletes” – fitter, stronger and healthier versions of their current selves. He also has special interests in these areas;

• Strength training for adults over 60
• Strength and conditioning for endurance athletes
• Running technique assessment/analysis, running technique modification and distance running coaching